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Sudbury Festival (Away) – ALL

April 13 : Norwich Festival

Following their very well received touring visit to us last season, we secured the opportunity to attend the Norwich Festival and took our somewhat depleted Vikings squad along for the experience.
We were fantastically received by our hosts and so it was ironic that our first Pool match saw us pitted against Norwich B, who in actual fact were mixed as per our old A/B set up.  Immense credit to the coaches on the day as we started strongly and whilst our tackling took time to get going, we did just enough through Emily and Wills running to edge it. With a win under our belts we cruised past Diss in our next match and in another tough encounter edged out West Norfolk, mainly on the back of amazing defending on our own try line causing turnover ball after 7 tackles twice.
That set up a final Pool match with Swaffam who were also undefeated, with a place in the final at stake. By this time the bumps and bruises were taking effect and our lack of subs showing, but in truth Swaffam were a cut above what we had played before and caught us out with their ability in the first half.  Whilst the game seemed lost at half time, no one told our kids who showed immense spirit and actually won the second half, though were ultimately beaten by the better team (probably) which put us in the Plate Final.
It could only have been Norwich A in the Plate Final and in an attritional encounter which had to be stopped on various occasions for players to be hauled back to their feet and pushed back on, sheer force of will took our kids to a tight win and a well deserved trophy.
The Vikings were immense throughout the day, with every member of the team having to play their part, and they did, as did the coaches – the spirit throughout was second to none.  Have to mention to Emily who drove the team on at times despite a split lip in the warm up (and for the bunny onesey).  For Will Voller who struck fear into our opposition such that Swaffam felt the need to isolate him (it worked for a bit). To Josh, Alex and Max who supported at all times and made key yards, to Owen for a solo try saving tackle at a key moment against W Norfolk, and to Joseph who took some battering and through the stud marks and tears turned into the hulk (don’t get him angry!) in the Plate Final and made a difference – albeit by immobilising the Norwich managers boy with a thumping tackle.
Final mention for Norwich who could not have been more accommodating, for the awesome parking set up, and for the generally positive atmosphere the whole day was played in.  We have been invited back and am sure all that attended would think that is great news, and not just because we picked up a trophy!

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are the Squad pictures, see DropBox for more from the days play:-


April 6 : Away : Harwich


April 6 : Away : Stowmarket


March 23 : Colchester Festival

This was Jack Hedleys debut as overall Mini Festival Coordinator and what a great job he did beforehand and on the day, resulting in a very successful day enjoyed by all who attended and who did not mind gett8ing hailed on once or twice !

On the pitch, we put out 2 mixed ability teams into the main draw and a C team into the Development Pool.  That C team found the going tough at first with a couple of heavy defeats against what were clearly not development level sides, but such is the way of things.  Having said that, they showed great character to raise their performance through the day, and were much more competitive in the last 2 matches. Everyone played their part with Ashton well involved before his departure, Sam and Harry making strong runs down the middle, Jonny Lant showing great commitment esp in the tackle in only his 3rd week, Jonny making his dad proud with enormous determination in attack, Edward tackling, scoring and contributing across the field, Napoleon scoring trademark breakaway trys, and Ethan showing his strength and experience through the day as well as getting on the scoresheet too!  Well done all despite the results.

In Pool 1 the matches started against Sudbury A who had already won their first match convincingly and would go on to win the whole festival.  CRFC held them initially and perhaps should have been in front at the break.  However, losing Noah to injury (ably taken care of by his father Tan – doctor on call for the day ironically) disrupted our rhythm and Sudbury dominated the second half to take the win. By our second match the confidence was not quite back but a good win over Stowmarket was secured.  2 further draws put the team into the Plate final where they were narrowly beaten by Ipswich YM A.  The general play improved through the day and notably the trys were spread through the team.

Pool 2 was quite frustrating with 3 consecutive narrow defeats. The guys were never outplayed, always competitive, but never quite dominate the opposition though it should be noted that the defeats were all against A teams who were clearly drilled as such. As the day progressed so did the interplay within the group so that the power running of Josh, Toby and Max was bolstered with more and improved passing resulting in a terrific team try finished off by Gus in the last match and a resounding victory over Bishop Stortford.

Having mixed up the set teams, this was not the easiest day, but rewarding and full of excellent individual performances throughout our squads.  Well done to all, for behaving so impeccably through the day and being a credit to the Club.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are the Squad pictures, see DropBox for more from the days play:-


March 16 : Away : Southend B Festival

A great effort by the squad at what has historically been a tough ‘B’ Fixture.  Convincing wins and loss/draws through the group stages were well deserved with trys spread through the squad with everyone playing their part.

Results saw CRFC end in 2nd place overall on trys scored and into the Plate final where trys from Josh C and Max lead us to a convincing win over Billericay.  Well done all !

March 2 : Home : Hertford

Full fixture for all 3 squads with reports as follows:-

CRFC Vikings: Match 1 v Tigers: Great strong start to our first game with our first try straight off. We saw consistent communication from the team working well as one unit. Will produced tackle after tackle as did Noah and Emily. Our trys came from Joseph, Noah, Emily 3 and Will 3 for a narrow victory.
CRFC Vikings: Match 2 v Lynx: Slower start to this game but soon got into their stride. Again this game was well organized by our games they were looking for space and reading the game well. Herts had a giant of a player in their team and this did not deter our guys especially Emily. Trys this game from Noah Jay, Emily, Owen and Will for another single try victory.
CRFC Vikings: Match 3 v Pumas: This game was another great watch end to end try from Will to start us off. Some great tackling from Owen, Josh and Max. Josh was blowing by the end of this game full marks for effort. Brilliant passing from Joseph, Noah and Emily at pace. Trys this game came from Noah, Emily, Owen, Joseph and Will for the most convincing win of the day for the Vikings.
CRFC Saxons: Match 1 v Pumas: An exciting well balanced end to end encounter. Tough tackling displayed by Toby, Max and Thomas culminating in a great team effort to score the Saxon’s first try. Eleanor made the most of her support play to score, while great individual tries were scored by Max, Toby and Charlie.
CRFC Saxons: Match 2 v Tigers: A well drilled Tiger’s team overcame a strong defensive performance by the Saxon’s who were ultimately let down by some basic ball handling errors. Special mention to Toby who scored all 4 tries.
CRFC Saxons: Match 3 v Lynx: Another strong performance and commanding victory for the Saxon’s in which Toby excelled scoring 6 tries and tackle of the year, running 20yards to catch and dump the attacking Lynx player just short of the try line. If our ball handling had been slightly better the margin would have been far greater but overall a positive performance.
CRFC Normans: Match 1 v Lynx: Colchester got off to a slow start and Hertford scored 3 tries before Dominic got a try in return after some nifty running down the line. Hertford got another couple when Ethan picked up a loose ball and ran across the field to score for the Normans. Oscar picked up a score with a solid drive through some tough tackling. Jakub finished off the scoring with a fine individual try following a long run across the field and down the line. Unfortunately Hertford had put seven past Colchester for their four.
CRFC Normans: Match 2 v Pumas: Colchester got off to a flying start with Oscar running a hat-trick of tries with some good solid running before Hertford managed to get a reply. Some good passing saw Gus available to run in a fine try and Dominic scored another after a darting run down the line. Hertford got a couple back and Josh C scored an excellent try skipping through some tackles and evading all attention. Dominic picked up a turn over ball and ran cross field to score a good try in the corner but getting injured in the process. Hertford managed a last action try to equalise the match at seven a piece.
CRFC Normans: Match 3 v Tigers: Hertford got off to a flying start with three tries before Colchester were given an opportunity to score with Josh taking advantage of some good tackling with a weaving run to the corner. Hertford scored some more before Ethan managed a consolation try with Hertford running out clear winners.
See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-
P1000412 P1000403 P1000396 P1000382 DSC_0231 DSC_0181 P1000444 P1000436 P1000432DSC_0255

February 2 : Home Training Cancelled

January 26 : Home : Maldon

Played in heavy conditions and which ended in torrential rain, we put out our 2 mixed A/B teams (CRFC1 and CRFC2) with reports as follows:-

CRFC 1: Match 1: The first match got underway on a chilly, damp January morning.  Colchester took their time to settle. Maldon scored two quick tries before Colchester got going with a try from William, good running from Noah and fearless tackling from Emily. Colchester then traded tries with Maldon as the half progressed with Joseph scoring twice and strong tackling from Finnley. Towards the end of the half Colchester found their defensive and attacking rhythm with Owen scoring followed by strong running from Dominic to take him over for two tries, to level the game 5-5 at half time. Colchester were far more dominant in the second half. Strong defensively, William, Emily, Joseph and Finnley led the line well and the team contained Maldon to only two further tries. In attack, strong running from Dominic, Noah, Oscar and Joseph resulted in more tries for Dominic, William and Noah to give us a well-deserved victory.
CRFC 1: Match 2: Colchester started brightly with a quick try from Jakub and a great run from Emily to set up Jakub for his second early try. However, Maldon started to find their feet, with strong runners breaching Colchesters defence, despite strong tackling led by Emily. Dominic’s weaving running found the try line, Alex ran good direct lines and Emily scored towards the end of the half to bring the half time score to 4-5 to Maldon to make up for one she had harshly not been given a few moments earlier. As the rain started Colchester defended well, with great tackling and closing down by Noah and Joseph. However, Maldon’s quick attackers struck again, running in a further four tries. In attack, Colchester’s passing and offloading improved greatly as the game progressed resulting in tries for Dominic, William and Oscar, with the two sides more evenly matched.  Colchester were a little unlucky to lose by a couple on the final whistle..
CRFC 2: Match 1: We started strongly with a great pass from Max to Toby  across to Josh back to Max to score our first try. Team play was strong throughout the game with all our players getting involved, and some great offloads. Notably, there was a great set up from Kane to Thomas with Charlie receiving the ball at pace. Our trys came from Charlie on the final whistle, Kane, Thomas, Harry, Max, Toby and Gus for a goo wing.
CRFC 2: Match 2: Another swift first half with our players setting up play well and producing some great passing.  Tackling improved if anything including a might stop by Max to stop the opposition in their tracks.  Two of our newer players Harry and Jay were really getting stuck in by now, despite the occasional a wallop on the nose continue, and showing strong conviction to the end. Kane was another player that really improved and impressed during this game making tackle after tackle.  Second half continued just like the first with our trys during this game coming from a mix of players. Josh, Toby, Thomas, Max and Gus for a second, even more convincing, win.
See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-
P1100868 P1100832

January 26 : Away : Harwich

Unfortunately this did not turn out to be the anticipated Development fixture and match was abandoned very early on, with the poor conditions playing a part too.  After a few late drop-outs, a special mention to Alex B, Alannah, Jonny, Ethan, Edward, Josh W, and Ashton who made the trip and played with pride regardless !

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for squad:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-
DSC_0005 DSC_0004

January 19 : Away : Bury St Edmunds

Played in heavy, muddy conditions which tested ability and stamina of our 2 mixed A/B teams (CRFC1 and CRFC2) who were to a boy/girl, were shattered but proud at the end, with reports as follows:-

CRFC 1: Match 1: A very close and well balanced match between two determined teams. Both teams were quick and strong in the tackle as running with the ball and ball handling proved very tricky in challenging conditions. As the game progressed the already marginal pitch conditions, a 3 inch thick waterlogged quagmire, deteriorated further with at one point the biggest challenge to some players was keeping their boots on!  With Toby and Thomas leading the tackling front, Gus supporting and looking for opportunities and after a determined all round team effort it was Max who broke through via a switch ball from Josh to score the equaliser. Special mention to Harry and Sam who performed admirably alongside their more experienced team mates with some great passing by Sam and strong tackling by Harry.
CRFC 1: Match 2: It started badly, Bury had learnt a thing or two from their first game and had clearly mastered the conditions, getting the ball out to the wings they rapidly ran in 4 quick tries. Colchester realised the threat and upped their game, great tackles form Toby, Thomas and Max to take out Burys fast boys followed by a great team effort and solo performance in the tricky conditions to score three tries and make the match more interesting, Bury were rattled. After half time Colchester gave as good as they got with more strong running and without a few mistimed passes and knock-ons could have gone on to win the game.  With further tries by Max and Thomas to seal a credible and well deserved  draw. Special mention to Alex Thomson who surprised and pleased his dad with some gutsy tackling but overall the biggest winner of the day was the team, a great team effort in very challenging conditions. Well done and great job.

CRFC 2: Match 1: Our first game was against a very defensive Bury team. We saw some great strong tackling from both teams with Bury standing there ground. Joseph crashed through to score our first try while having Bury players all around him. Both Emily and Joseph nearly bringing our score up further. Noah shone as our star tackler along with Owen who towards the end of the game received the ball on the run then onto Noah who finally found space to run the ball in for our second try.  As even as the encounter was though, Bury had one speed merchant we could not contain and his 3 breakaway trys were the only real difference. Great effort by all, heavy boots at the end with our boys blowing having worked so hard.
CRFC 2: Match 2: Again a pretty even match this time with much more even game on scores too.  7 tackles being called several times for each team, with the ball not getting to the try line. Tackling again stepped up, our first strong tackle came from Dom, who at this point realised he wasn’t going home clean. We came out with much more purpose, really putting on the pressure against another strong Bury side. Owen made some hard yards down the middle and notably Emily, Noah and Joseph all made try saving tackles. However not quite enough to get a result with our one try coming from Owen, with the ball set up from Dom to Emily.

January 19 : Home : Billericay

We initially split the squad into 2 teams, 6 and 7 kids respectively, and whilst one team played, the others trained with the coach and players from Billericay.   First game went Billericays way though we were able to respond with 2 trys from Will Voller on debut.

The second game was a little more one-sided to Billericay though Ethan scored and the game was notable also for some good tackling from Napoleon

The third game saw us leading at half time with the whole squad being used in a rolling format from both teams for a longer game. Whilst we lost again, heads did not drop and scores came from Kane, Will and Napoleon and there was a great tackle from Will too.

A tough test against Billericay teams that were well organised and they had a couple of very good ball runners albeit a word about some fending off was necessary. Well done all.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/

December 15 : Away : Chelmsford

A full fixture in heavy, muddy conditions which tested our 2 mixed A/B teams (CRFC1 and CRFC2) and Dev who competed with reports as follows:-

CRFC 1: Match 1: The first half saw the teams fairly evenly matched, with good pressing and tackling from both sides. As the half progressed, Chelmsford passing game was contained by Colchester stronger defence, with great tackling from Toby, Joseph, Owen and Gus, well supported by the rest of the team. On a number of occasions Colchester won turnover ball. Eventually, Colchester made the break-through with two tries, one each from Toby and Owen.In the second half, Colchester kept the pressure on, pressing and tackling well. They also started to take the game to Chelmsford with strong, direct running from Owen and Toby and weaving runs from Cain, Joseph and Gus. Eleanor and Jakub also ran well, ensuring the ball was recycled after the tackle. Colchester scored a further three tries, with great passing from Gus and Joseph. Three tries in the second half from Owen, Eleanor and Joseph completed a well-deserved and comfortable 5 try win for Colchester.
CRFC 1: Match 2: Colchester started the second game strongly, with all team members combining well in defence and attack. Chelmsford had some very quick, clever runners on the ball who tested Colchester pressing game and defensive line. Toby, Owen and Joseph led the tackling, with good support work from Gus, Jakub, Cain and Eleanor. Tries from Toby, Jakub and Joseph saw Colchester lead by three tries to two at half time.
During the second half, Colchester’s strong defence managed to limit Chelmsford’s runners to one additional score.  Colchester passing game improved as the second half progressed, with good passing out of the tackle from Joseph and Gus. Toby and Joseph both scored. The last move of the match saw Jakub offload to Gus in space who went on to score Colchesters third try of the half and sealed a great team win by three tries against a quick and inventive Chelmsford team.
CRFC 2: Match 1: We started play very strongly with Josh leading the way with a great tackle. Formation was strong as was commitment throughout the game with us turning the ball round on our 7th tackle or knocking them out to touch. Dom went in with our first and second trys, both times with a beaming face. They scored their first and second try from a very fast player we could not contain. However, that was again followed by a  Dom try who had definitely had his fill for  breakfast. Max then followed up with two more scores with a final burst of power and sheer determination from Charlie wrapping up a 5 try victory.
CRFC 2: Match 2: Our first possession started with Charlie to Emily who then off-loaded in the tackle to Harry who came into his own in this game. Great effort from Harry throughout, his confidence growing during play. Harry then passed to Max who scored a try despite three of their players attempting to tackled him. Emily really got the bit between her teeth in this game with some great tackling. In particular Emily worked well with Charlie in the second half, Charlie diving for the line for what looked like a second try to us but not given. Great effort from all players, with again as witnessed in previous weeks some strong fast tackling from Max, Finn, Dom and Emily, but we came up short this time in a very close, low scoring match.
CRFC Dev: Match 1: The first game against a Chelmsford development squad was a tight game in the first half, Chelmsford scored the first try, Colchester replied immediately with Edward taking a pass from the restart and making a good run to score a try. Colchester took the lead when Josh scored a try after several good passes and finishing in the corner, Chelmsford levelled shortly after before Edward got his 2nd try with a straight run through a crowd of players to score, Chelmsford levelled the scores again to leave it 3-3 at half time. The second half was a more one sided affair with Chelmsford scoring four unanswered tries before Max scored Colchesters only try of the second half after several phases of play was finished with a good run to score. Chelmsford scored another 3 tries to leave the score 10-4 to the hosts.
CRFC Dev: Match 2: The second game was a much closer affair and once again Chelmsford took the lead before Colchester hit back with a try scored by Edward who ran through several players to score after some good approach play, Colchester then went into the lead after a good run and pass from Napoleon to Max for a score in the corner. Chelmsford levelled the scores before Alannah scored in the corner after eluding several tackles to give Colchester a 3-2 half time lead. Colchester increased their lead in the 2nd half when Edward scored with a good run after receiving the ball straight from the kick off, Chelmsford reduced the scores before Napoleon scored a try after a good run by Josh. There was a good period of play from both teams with some good tackling and Chelmsford got back into the game with another try, they then spurned two chances to level the scores by not grounding the ball. The last move of the match was called when Chelmsford had the ball and eventually scored after several phases of play to finish level.
See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-
2013-12-15 10.18.38 2013-12-15 10.56.01 DSC_0026 DSC_0035 DSC_0041 DSC_0063 DSC_0090 DSC_0154

December 1  :  Away : Billericay

We had 2 matches against Billericay who had a mixed ability team out which proved tough going for our Dev group. In the First match, the score at the end of the first half was 6-0 but instead of folding, in the second half Colchester matched Billericays further 4. Our first 3 trys were all scored by Ethan Molloy, who was like a rocket. Alex Banks scored the 4th try. There was some great tackling by Alex and Edward. Alannah also deserves a mention for her shear effort and determination.

In match 2 there were notable performances from Ethan and Alannah who kept up momentum throughout the game. Alannah was the closest anyone got to scoring a try late in the second half. Ethan did some great sprinting. Sam did a good tackle. Harry showed a lot of passion and did some great running, but ultimately this one was one-sided and we unluckily failed to score.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:-

http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

P1010748 P1010752 P1010760 P1010766

December 1  :  Home : Westcliff

We mixed up and split the A/B group into 2 teams to play 3 Westcliff sides:-

CRFC 1: Match 1: We started strongly with Noah gaining our first try from a straight run. During this game Noah went on to score a further 4 trys. Noah and Fin went in for some swift clean tackles. Joseph gained the ball twice with one great interception and by leaping to gain the ball back. Joseph scored two trys, with Jakub, Kane, Max P also scoring with some direct running. Josh was successful in getting his try although running side ways. Strong from the off with some great teamwork and efficient tackling and a convincing win.
CRFC 1: Match 2: This proved to be a more even game. Our tackling was not as strong as our first game, but we gained the ball back several times via knock on. Again we saw some great team work with all our players getting involved. An inspired play with ball from Josh, Fin to Max getting our last try. Great tackling from Noah, Fin and Joseph and Jakub very nearly getting us a fifth try, winning try but was not meant to be.
CRFC 1: Match 3: This game was pacy from the start, all players from both teams going in for the tackle one after the other.  A lasting image of this game was Fin going down time after time, blonde hair flying, straight back up on his feet ready for the next tackle. The end score was 1 all. Watching we were convinced the scores should of been higher as both teams really
did not let up. A special  mention for Dom from our B team who stepped
in, when we for a short spell down to 6 players. A great game to
watch, well done all.
CRFC 2: Match 1: Started well with Colchester, and Toby in particular putting in some great tackles.  Toby followed this with a try.  Good runs by Thomas, who was tackled several times but stayed on his feet and some accurate passing by Alex, Oscar, Dominic & Charlie led to further tries by Dominic, Toby and Owen. In the second half, great support play by Eleanor stepping in as number 9 many times contributed to a try by Charlie, who was tackled on the line but managed to make the try. Another try by Toby, and a lovely run by Thomas for a  well deserved try in the corner. Three tries by Westcliff followed as Colchester were slow to move up on a Westcliff start and a Colchester try was disallowed for a double movement.  Both teams then had difficulty keeping hold of the ball and there was some confusion over whistles from the next pitch but the match ended with good runs by Thomas and Charlie leading to a try on the final whistle.
CRFC 2: Match 2: Tries by Dominic and Toby were followed by good tackling from Owen, Oscar & Toby.  A lovely flowing passage of play followed, involving a  run by Oscar, dodging several tackles nearly to the line before being stopped, Dominic then passing the ball to Owen, who made ground then offloaded well to Toby who was unfortunately tackled on the line. Westcliff then found it difficult to get past a solid Colchester defence for a while and were being pushed back by Oscar & Toby in particular.  Thomas scored another try but celebrations were short-lived when Colchester were not ready in time for the Westcliff restart and an equaliser was scored in record time.Highlights of the second half included some great tackles by Toby, Owen & Oscar, including Owen driving Westcliff into touch to avert a near certain try, and a storming try by Toby running and dodging the full length of the pitch from near our own try line.
CRFC 2: Match 3: The first half was characterised by a tendency by both sides to run too close to the touch line,with the Ref warning both teams to keep clear of the touch line, which was “the best tackler on the pitch”Two tries scored  by Thomas. In the second half, Westcliff were passing & tackling well.  For Colchester, there was some good passing by Toby, Oscar Owen &Thomas and Westcliff were twice forced into touch by some determined tackling from Toby, Thomas and Owen. Tries in this half were scored by Dominic and Toby.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

P1100672 P1100711P1100727 P1100726 P1100702 P1100687 P1100639 P1100681

November 17  :  Away : Southend

This fixture for the A/B group took us to Southend where Mark Eves split the group into 2 teams to play 2 Southend teams.

NB: Decision was taking that each teams second match would be without coaching from the sidelines.

CRFC 1: Match 1: For what seemed like the first time this season, we started the first game with purpose and on the front foot and forced an early knock-on. Technique showed early with great presentation of the ball from Thomas leading to a try for Max. Josh and Toby were ganging up in the tackle and forcing turnovers and complimented by strong running from Ethan, Thomas and Toby who broke for a nice try. Second half continued with good distribution by Joseph at the breakdown and now Oscar making an impact through the middle leading to a Max try. A powerhouse run by Josh got him on the score sheet and then a nice move involving Charlie getting it Joseph who forced his way over the line confirming a good win.

CRFC 1: Match 2: Joseph captained the team and without the coaches input did a good job of maintaining the organisation evident in the first match both at re-starts and at breakdowns. A good restart saw Joseph release Thomas who got it to Toby to score. Soon after a great take by Thomas allowed him to put in Oscar who just stretched out an arm to get his score. Toby put in one immense tackle and we managed to turnover ball on 7 tackle rule for first time – excellent work by all. Josh got on the score sheet again, Charlie jinked his way through too and Thomas was rewarded for his great team play with a score from a brilliant last run. Another win, and notable for the team shape, recycling of the ball and general commitment.

CRFC 2: Match 1: With the tone set by the other Colchester team, the guys/girls went out with the same positive attitude from the off. Gus made a great early tackle which set the tempo and we were immediately putting Southend under pressure. Both teams were squeezing play to be fair, but in Noah we had someone who could break the line, leading to our first score. Emily

CRFC 2: Match 2: Second match the intensity was maintained. Kane was getting more involved and was unlucky to not to score after cutting back in but retained position for Gus to ultimately score. Kane was eventually rewarded with his own try a little later, showing good determination. Emily added to her consistent tackling with a great run into the corner to score despite taking a knock on route – great heart. Dominic was also showing well, and broke through their lines for a long run for his try and Noah weaved through again for another for him. The match and day finished with another barnstorming run by Emily who saw she was being hounded out to touch by 3 Southend players within close sight of the line, yet both managed to spot Noah and at the same time flick the ball back over the Southend tacklers to Noah who somehow managed to take the pass at full stretch and then go over the line to applause by all watching. What a move to cap off a great performance and as with the other Colchester team, this was a generally improved performance against good opposition and with a fantastic commitment level throughout.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

P1100469 P1100471 P1100507 P1100533 P1100559 P1100561P1100514 P1100485

November 17  :  Home : Witham

This was scheduled to be a Triangular Development fixture with Witham and Harwich.  However, Harwich did not attend, and Witham brought a mixed age group of U10 and U92 which inevitably impacted on the play.

Match 1: Both Trys scored by Harry Button, who made an outstanding sprint to the line. Jonny Hedley showed great support throughout the game. Jay Attewill did a one on one tackle and opponent went down and ball won back. Alannah Boone did some great sprinting but overall the opponents were just too big and strong to overcome.

Match 2: Alannah Boone stood out for her speed at running and came soooo close to scoring. Harry Button showed determination and came close to a try but that was as close as we would get. Jay Attewill shone again for his tackling and coach Mark was keen that he got a mention for it in this report. Edward Smith also had an outstanding tackle in this game. Praise to Alannah Boone and Jay Attewill for their special awareness and reading of the game but another defeat.

Match 3: Harry Button scored the first Try which gave us some hope. Jonny Hedley scored our second try with an amazing sprint to touchline but we were fighting a losing battle. Nevertheless, Alex Thompson had a good attempt at scoring and showed great support. Alex Banks made a noteworthy tackle which left him injured with a boot to chest!! Edward Smith shone for putting the opponents under pressure but again we came up short.

A tough day out for the Dev group, but immense credit to all for not letting heads drop and keeping going to the end against some quite large opposition !

November 3  :  Ipswich YM Festival

The day was outlined as being made up of a ‘scratch squad’ allowing some of the new players such as Harry and Mason the chance to gain some valuable game time with more experienced squad members. Overall the performances were really encouraging from each player and as a squad they really improved over the course of the tournament, with the more experienced players showing the way whilst encouraging and leading the new-players.

Pool Match 1 v Sudbury A. The first half was a very close game with some excellent tackling, at the whistle the teams were level with Max managing some excellent passing and capping a strong first half performance with the only try for Colchester. Gus was using his experience and made some great runs that troubled the Sudbury squad. However this was not to be an opening winner for Colchester as they were denied 2 tries on the line which on another day might have carried the team to victory. But as the final whistle came the game finished with Sudbury taking the spoils though the squad did however put down a fairly good marker of their intentions for forthcoming games.

Pool Match 2 v Ipswich YM A. The team played there socks off in the match and were genuinely unlucky not to get a win at the final whistle. Thomas was denied a try in the first half after a great phase of passing by Colchester which ripped through Ipswich. Alex brought Colchester right into the match with a try he managed to touchdown in the corner after a great run. At the half-time whistle Colchester were only trailing by 1. In the second half Colchester stepped up a gear and Toby managed a really early try with strong ‘direct’ running. Kane was always showing his tenacity and made some strong runs at the opposition. Also in the action Max was being effective at gaining the ground required. Mason pulled off a strong Try denying tackle on the line and Colchester were battling hard but it just wasn’t enough to deny Ipswich the victory .

Pool Match 3 v Bury B. This was a very impressive performance, arguably lead from the front with the combined experience and ability of Gus, Thomas, Max and Toby. In the first half Gus claimed an exquisite try by intercepting a pass form Bury which he took over the line. Toby and Max each claimed  a try before the break as their experience and link-up play was proving just too much for Bury. In amongst the scorers Kane was banging in tackles and Alex made some excellent runs with ball in hand. Ethan and Finnley played their parts in the game by holding a solid line and making tackles that broke up any advance form Bury. In the second half Colchester put Bury to the sword and looked very comfortable in the end. Thomas took a try by carrying the ball from the middle of the pitch, Eleanor offered great support play and was in the thick with some fine tackling. The pressure which Colchester put Bury under in this match was far too much for the opposition and a convincing win.

Pool Match 4 v Woodbridge B. This was a great game that allowed Colchester to carry the momentum from their last match. The new players had an opportunity to shine and were given outstanding support from the established players. Harry was given the captaincy for this match and really stepped up! He was vocal and bellowed instructions to the Colchester line…. He also used his power to make ground for the squad in a game which Colchester dominated. Thomas grabbed  a try by having great vision to spot a gap in the Woodbridge line and Kane was a thorn in the Woodbridge side with his runs and determination, whilst Toby found even more energy which he used for some excellent really strong, solid tackles to take any enthusiasm from the oppositions limited progress. At half time it was 3-0 to Colchester and when the second half started it was much of the same. Mason managed a weaving run to set-up another try and again Eleanor was in the thick of the action with some good tackles. Whilst Toby managed to grab no fewer than 5 try’s he was well supported and encouraged by his team-mates endeavour, effort and determination. Another big victory for Colchester.

This game concluded a good day out for all and the players seemed pleased with their tournament. The coaches echoed the parents thoughts with a sense of pride that came from the way each player had turned up on the day and delivered a solid and encouraging performance.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

IMG_6394 IMG_6414 IMG_6475 IMG_6500 IMG_6518 IMG_6577

November 3  :  Away  :  Woodford

CRFC split their squad into 2 mixed ability teams for the day, each getting a  match against Woodfords 4 teams on the day:-

CRFC1  v Woodford Red: Great tackling by Noah and Charlie prevented a Woodford try and lead to a turn over.  Good runs by Noah and Edward but solid defending by Woodford  and a few handling errors prevented us from taking advantage of the turnover. Further solid tackles by Noah and Owen with Noah forcing Woodford into touch to end the first half. The second half saw further good tackles by Noah, Owen and Edward and some great passing by Oscar and Joseph, despite some rather high tackles by the opposition. A tough  match ending with a decisive win for Woodford.

CRFC1 v Woodford Purple: A much better start by Colchester, moving up as a line and some efficient tackling again leading to Colchester turnover in the first play. Good runs by Owen and Charlie and a well-timed pass by Charlie to Edward followed, but Woodford’s defence held. Determined tackles by Noah & Oscar led to a knock on by Woodford. A good run by Noah, followed by great passes to Charlie then Owen then Joseph were followed by a storming run by Oscar, and a great pass to Joseph leading to a well deserved try. Brilliant tries by both Oscar and Noah barging and dodging their way through the opposition, were followed by and some great support play by Joseph and Owen. Further hard tackling, especially by Noah prevented further scoring by Woodford to finish with a draw.

CRFC1 v Woodford Yellow: The match started with two great tries from Noah who ran and dodged almost the whole length of the pitch for the first. Good tackles by Noah, Owen and Charlie led to a turn over. Woodford were again forced into touch by Colchester. A Woodford lost ball was picked up by Charlie, and good passing by him and Edward fed the ball to Noah who took the difficult pass for his third try of the match. 2 useful tackles by Owen and a try to finish the match with a win.

CRFC1 v Woodford Blue: Great passing from Jonny to Owen and back to Jonny and then on to Noah leading to another try by Noah. A handling error by Woodford resulted in a loose ball which was neatly picked up by Charlie who stormed for the line to score. Another great try by Oscar from the restart. The next Woodford break was stopped very effectively by Oscar pushing the player into touch. Great passing next by Noah to Joseph and back to Noah who scored again. Some good tackling by Colchester led to another turnover and a determined run by Owen led to another Colchester try, Colchester defence held strong again for another turnover and Charlie made good ground but was forced into touch but the game ended with another win.

CRFC2 v Woodford Blue: The first game against the Woodford Blues was an end to end game with 15 tries scored. Colchester took the lead after Jakub received the ball from the start and ran from half way to score immediately, Woodford levelled the scores before Jakub scored again after a good passing move before Dominic put Colchester into the lead once again after Colchester went through a number of phases of play. The scores were level again and after another good move from Colchester Emily scored from close to the line, as half time approached Colchester turned the ball over and Jakub received the ball and made a good run to complete a hat-trick and Colchester led 5-3 at the break. The second half started with Woodford scoring 2 early tries to level the scores once again but straight from the re-start Emily received the ball and ran from the halfway line to score. Woodford scored another 2 tries to take the lead for the first time. Josh broke several tackles to level the scores before the game entered the final stages, Colchester won the ball back after turnover ball and Jakub scored his 4th try to win the game for Colchester.

CRFC2 v Woodford Red: The second game against the Woodford Reds was a much tougher game and step up in opposition, Woodford started the game well and scored the first try. The ball swapped between the 2 teams as the tackling was of a high standard before Emily scored after winning the ball, Woodford retook the lead to lead 2-1 at half-time. Colchester levelled the scores after Jakub went over from short range after several phases of play. Once again Woodford scored a try before Dominic scored the try of the day after holding up Woodford close to their own try line, the ball was passed to Dominic he ran the length of the field to score. Unfortunately Woodford scored a winner close to the end of the game for a narrow win. There was some good tackling from all the players only to lose a close game.

CRFC2 v Woodford Purple: The third game against the Woodford Purple team was another tough game with Colchester once again catching the opposition cold with Jakub scoring after receiving the ball from the start. As with many games the scoring went the way of the team in possession and the scoring went this way in the first half with Woodford levelling the scores before Emily scored from the restart and then Dominic did the same to leave the game poised at 3-3 at half time. Woodford stepped up their game to score three tries in the second half to take a 6-3 lead. Jakub reduced the deficit with a good run from inside his own half before Woodford scored one more try. Emily got the last try of the game with another good run from half way but we finished a couple of trys short of Woodford this time.

CRFC2 v Woodford Yellow: The final game of the day saw Colchester take on the Woodford Yellows and they started off like a house on fire, Dominic opened the scoring with a run from near his own try line, then Emily scored with another good run after turning the ball over and a mistake from Woodford saw the ball picked up by Dominic to score another try. Woodford scored one try before the break to leave the score 3-1 at half-time. Colchester increased their lead in the second half as Emily was put in the clear after a good pass from Dominic. Woodford pulled two tries back before Emily completed her hat-trick with a run from the half way line to finish the scoring and a nice win.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

P1100370 P1100313 P1100310 P1100306 2013-11-03 11.41.17 2013-11-03 11.19.01 2013-11-03 11.13.03 2013-11-03 11.10.47

October 27  :  Away  :  Ipswich with Beccles

This triangular fixture put together by Ipswich started with a first game against the hosts which was a fairly one sided match played in blustery conditions, Ipswich raced into a 3-0 half-time lead and continued the scoring into the second half with another three tries. Colchester reduced the deficit after a good passing move was finished off by Mason touching down. Ipswich ran in two more tries before the end to complete the scoring.

The second game against Beccles started badly with the opposition scoring almost straight from the kick-off, Colchester made some good runs but turned the ball over at crucial times to be denied from scoring, Beccles scored two more tries to lead at half-time 3-0. In the second half Colchester got back into the game and after several phases of play and retaining possession, the ball reached Mason to score the try, Beccles hit back again to increase the lead before Colchesters second try was after another passing move before Harry scored from short range. Beccles scored two more tries before the full time whistle. This was an improved performance from the first game with some good running from all players and some good tackling from Mason and Alex B.

A great effort from a mainly Development level group against some sturdy opposition; great experience despite the conditions. Well done to all involved.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

Colchester zoo & rugby & maz beyonce 27.10.2013 182 Colchester zoo & rugby & maz beyonce 27.10.2013 181 Colchester zoo & rugby & maz beyonce 27.10.2013 171

October 27  :  Lexus Regional Festival

We took a mixed ability group to play in this prestigious tournament against what turned out to be tight-knit, drilled 7 kid teams. Considering our insistence on sticking with the Club ethos and rotating all our squad, our children came out of the day with enormous credit and a couple of wins too !

Pool Match 1 v Towcestrians. Our first game was an eye opener, the Towcestrians were a well drilled team. Our first ball saw some great team play with Dom and Toby working well together to get the ball down the pitch, unfortunately we had ball turned over on 7 tackle rule. They had a very strong defensive line and this was repeated, with their attack being able to evade our tacklers too often to score their trys even though the first try was 3 yards beyond the touch line. Half way through the second half we had a fab strong run by Toby, supported by our team to give us a try but nowhere near enough. A tough start !

Pool Match 2 v Oxford. Our second game saw Kane make great strides and really getting stuck into the team. Dom had a great try effort but not given real shame. Some great tackling from our group. We saw some great commitment from all, but Oxford proved a strong team and we simply could not penetrate their defence though confidence still remained.

Pool Match 3 v Oxford. Despite 2 relatively heavy defeats, heads did not drop and we started with a great long run from Josh who was held up by a great tackle. In this our third game our players knew the standard that was being set and had the bit between there teeth. We watched a strong game, with some better tackling from all our players we saw the ball turned round to us several times. Achieving 4 trys in the game from Max, Jakub and two from Toby. Toby supported by Max and Oscar being unstoppable running straight through their players confirmed the win.

Our results put us into a 3rd place play-off match:

3rd place Play-Off v Eton Manor. Our first ball started with a great set up from Noah to Thomas and onto Joseph and finally to Dom giving us our first try. Leaping tackle from Josh showed great commitment. Josh gave us three lively trys following great support from the whole team. Thomas made a great 3/4 of the field run attempting to get to the try line but out. Great effort. Our last try from Toby again was brilliant set up by the team and then Max made a great last ditch, try saving tackle at the death to ensure victory..

Victory in the play-off match put us into a final match:

v Barkers Butts. In this final match we were again up against a strong team but had grasped the level of play required to compete.  Some great set up again from our guys. All pre planned before each game by them. Some amazing running from Napoleon and tackling from Oscar and Owen. Our try for this game was set up by Max and Jakub. Supported by all to get the ball to Toby who then ploughed through their defensive line. A very tight encounter with us just losing out by 1 try from 3.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

P1100257 P1100258 P1100262 P1100269

October 20  :  Southend Elite Festival

Pool Match 1 v Blackheath. Great first tackle from Noah, took a while for us to get into play. Slow first half from us. By the second half we witnessed some braver tackles from many of our players notably Toby and Josh. Josh then followed with an amazing run, ball then pasted to Jakub and on to Dom giving us a try. Emily shone as star player; true grit written all over her face. First game saw steady improvement.

Pool Match 1 v Sevenoaks. Fast first try from Sevenoaks put us on the back foot but our players took that on board. wed witnessed a great take of ball from Gus while on the move. Emily shining from the start of this game again. General set up improved by all. Seeing great team spirit and passing. Power tackle by Finn knocking their player and again by Gus. Thomas came into his own with some great breaks and runs. Toby was given his try by fair play. Some high tackling from Sevenoaks brought a warning from the ref. some fancy foot work from Joseph who then passed to Jakub, unfortunately ball knocked out forth try given to them. Excellent refereeing from the Southend ref.  Another tough game.

Pool Match 3 v Southend. Brilliant set up for first try from Dom, followed by some awesome tackling from Jakub. We saw another strong run from Joseph and ball away to Jakub. Inspired second try from Josh. Our third try came from Dom again with a strong run side-stepping and slicing through their defence. Power tackle from Max, ball to Toby who then followed with a try to us. Next was well set up by Joseph to Jakub onto Josh for his second , our fifth and our last try from Toby saw him receive a high tackle, but ball away to Max, back to Toby and over the try line.

3rd place final v Dagenham. Emily started with the first tackle.  We saw a great deal of high tackling from Dagenham; this only making us more determined. They were called up several times for this but it continued happening. Despite this a great long run from Josh to our first try. Emily again got the bit between her teeth a tackled after tackled. Josh also produced some excellent low leg tackles knocking there players to the ground.  Great recovery from Dom after a tackle to produce our second try. Towards the end of this game we saw Joseph covered by one of their larger players, these strong heavy tackles from Dagenham did not deter any of our players. Thomas made a valiant effort just before the whistle but try not given.

Amazing effort by all, never reacted to some of the questionable behaviour of some of the other Clubs players, and improved with each game.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

P11001942013-10-20 12.37.05-5 2013-10-20 14.22.43-3 P1100182 P1100203

October 13  :  Woodbridge Development Festival

The Woodbridge Development Festival looked like it could be a washout when the players started arriving as heavy rain continued until shortly before kick-off, the following squad of players were in attendance to compete in pool B against Diss, Hadleigh, Southwold and Bury St Edmunds.

Match 1  vs Diss:

In the first game against Diss the opposition were short of players so Alex Banks and Charlie Warren went out on loan to play for Diss. The Colchester team was changed around quite often to give all players a chance to play and started the first game with Kane, Mason, Ethan, Logan, Alex T, Edward and Napoleon. Colchester Started the game well and after several phases of play Edward scored the first try, Diss rallied after the re-start and scored 3 tries before Napoleon scored a try from the re-start with a good run from the half way line, the score at half time was 3-2 to Diss. The second half got under way with Diss scoring another try before Ethan reduced the score with a try after a good passing move, Diss scored another 3 tries, including one by Charlie Warren and finished the game clear winners.

Match 2 vs Hadleigh:

This was a one sided game with Hadleigh scoring five tries in the first half to lead 5-0 at half time, the opposition scored two more tries before Charlie scored a consolation try after numerous passages of play.

Match 3 vs Southwold:

This was even more one sided as Southwold ran in five tries in the first half and three in the second to finish the game 8-0 winners.

Match 4 vs Bury St Edmunds:

The final game in pool B saw Colchester play against Bury St Edmunds and Colchester took the lead against with Ethan scoring a try from a touchline restart inside the Bury half, Bury levelled the scores shortly after before Charlie restored the Colchester lead with another try after a good passing move, Bury scored two tries before half time to lead 3-2 at the break. Bury increased their lead in the second half and scored three more tries to finish worthy winners.

(Roy Banks)

A final comment; this was a Development Festival and as always the event was well run and a great first Festival experience for some of our group. This one was really just about the competing, experience and development and from that point of view it was a success. (N&T)

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

Rugby 13.10.2013 215 Rugby 13.10.2013 195 Rugby 13.10.2013 191 Rugby 13.10.2013 171 Rugby 13.10.2013 160 Rugby 13.10.2013 158

October 6  :  Home  :  Bishops Stortford

Whilst an A and B team were put together to fulfil the fixture, they remained strictly mixed ability.  A Development team was also put out.

Match 1 – CRFC A V Bishops Stortford A

It was a tale of two halves – Bishop’s Stortford started by scoring two tries but Colchester came back with a fast run in from Josh C – Bishops Stortford scored two more tries & Josh C scored another try – Great runs from Max, Toby , Josh & Emily. Although there was some tackling Bishop’s Stortford were too strong & added another three tries to make it CRFC 2 Bishops Stortford 7 at half time. In the second half Colchester came back on form – with Josh, Toby & Charles W scoring a try each with Bishop’s Stortford replying to each. However during the second half the tackling from the whole team was much better, especially from Josh, Toby, Oscar & Emily. Unfortunately there was not enough time for a come back.

Match 2 – CRFC A v Bishop’s Stortford B

In the second match, a lively game,  Colchester played better still – with some excellent tackling and passing the ball out. Both Toby & Josh had excellent games – Toby scoring four tries with Josh scoring one  & both tackling very well. There was great backing up by all players, good passing out by Gus & great tackling from all players – especially from Emily, Oscar & Charles – with good runs from Jakob, Charles & Gus. The team all played well together and edged this one.

Match 3 – CRFC B V Bishops Stortford A

The game opened up with some strong running and Noah A put in a good first tackle. Effort levels were very high and although there were some strong runs from Bishops Stortford Colchester eventually evened up the scoreline with tries from Thomas D and Joseph L. Joseph finished a beautiful linking move with Thomas, Noah and Eleanor in the left hand side of the pitch. The passing was firing so anything was possible. Max as always was solid throughout and made strong runs and fine tackles.

As the half wore on the tackling let Colchester down. Despite this the whole team were in the thick of it. Substitutes Finley and Kane both injected some much needed energy later on and both had a fine game both in attack and defence. Dominic was unlucky not to score a try when the ball was spilled after such a fantastic run to the try line. There will be many tries to come I am sure.

Owen finished off with a good try and Eleanor was tackling particularly hard throughout the game. Eventually the team realized that their tackling needs to improve but they were heartened that in such a short time they adapted to playing contact.

Match 4 – CRFC B V Bishops Stortford B

The Second game showed the marked improvement in the effort with the tackles with Noah and Max leading the way with the tackles. Dominic was rewarded with a try and Noah finished with 2 while Thomas and Owen both scored excellent tries. Kane once again showed how much he has come on with committed tackles and relentless running. Finley also showed good commitment and was hard working throughout. There was obvious progress throughout the day and a superb haul of tries. A good and enjoyable day was had by all.

Match 5 – CRFC Dev. V Bishops Stortford Dev.

The development squad played very hard right form the first whistle in their game against Bishops Stortford. Both Kane and Finley who had been on the field already both tackled really hard and on many occasions stopped tries. Alannah ran hard and was excellent throughout. Edward played well with several good runs showing pace down the right. Although he did not start off running with the ball in two hands he quickly realized what to do. Jonny, mason and Jay defended well and supported very well.

During the second half legs tired a little but the enthusiasm carried Colchester through and the tries came from Finley (2) and Edward (1) who was rewarded for his hard work. He showed good pace as did Finley and Jay. The team played well on the break and Colchester continued to maintain pressure.

The game finished with enthusiasm undented and renewed confidence for a hardworking team.

See “U9s Fixtures & Results” page for scores/scorers:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/fixtures-4/ and here are some pictures from the days play, see DropBox for more:-

Rugby 113 Rugby 096 MIchelle 241 MIchelle 216DSC_0074 DSC_0150 DSC_0156 DSC_0181 DSC_0234 DSC_0317


We had the chance to put a group of kids out for a rugby demonstration before the Col Utd v Wolverhampton Wanderers League One match. Tony Day our Head Coach took up the gauntlet and organised the effort and with universal approval. Participants on the day were as follows and well done to all concerned:-

Alannah Boone, Thomas Davies, Kane Garrard, Jonny Hedley, Logan Holt, Owen Hopes, Oscar Lansbury Dunn, and Josh West

And here are a few pictures of the event, see DropBox for more:-

IMG_0364 IMG_0380 IMG_0386 IMG_0390


We welcome all children in school year 4.  No previous rugby experience necessary.

We aim to teach children the core techniques and skills in a fun and inclusive environment. During the season ALL the children will be given the opportunity to be involved in matches against other rugby clubs within the region, participate in festivals and maybe even go on a mini tour.

Our coaches are CRB checked and have coaching qualifications and rugby experience.

All children must have a gum shield, studs in their boots (no blades) and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions!  A drink and snack are also a good idea though we do all get together for chips in the Clubhouse after session/matches for a nominal weekly fee.  We are happy to give children a week or 2 to establish whether the like the Club enough to stick around but after that there are of course membership dues required, if only to ensure insurances can apply.

For more details please contact Nikki or Tony Loizides (Managers) at nikkitonycrfc@ymail.com

See Contact page:- http://www.colchesterrugby.co.uk/minis/under-9s/contacts/